Coach Steve, Owner, B.S., LMT

Steve's mission is to assist you in getting fit. Meaning life changing fitness. He does this through assessing movement, pain analysis, proper programming, energy system training, nutrition guidance, trigger point therapy and  encouragement. 

Steve is happily married for 27 years now with three  kids (25, 24 and 21) and a Son-In-Law. He is  50 years old and works with people of all ages, shapes and levels of conditioning. Graduated in 1988 from CU Boulder with a BS in business.  Worked as a CPA for 10 years, then stayed at home with the  kids, while his  wife  Deb worked full time for many years. He will admit that was the  hardest work he ever attempted.

With a passion for helping people lead active lives, Steve started CrossFit Divine Mercy Fitness in March 2008.   He holds has a CFL-1, also CrossFit certifications in Weightlifting, Barbell, Nutrition, CrossFit Kids and is also an Advanced Olympic weightlifting Coach from USAW and a Pietra Fitness Instructor.  He received his Massage Therapy License in May 2014, "I perform neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release techniques to relieve pain and dysfunction".

Steve is here to help you get safely fit and healthy.

Coach JD Chism

JD has been involvedin sports and fitness for the majority of his life. He played football at the collegiate and semi-pro level. He also played Rugby at Franciscan University when the Barons advanced to the mid-west tournament elite 8. JD has seen the benefits of Crossfit in his wellness in everyday life, and in his career as a firefighter for the Denver Fire Department. JD is certified as a level 1 Crossfit instructor and hopes to use that to assist people in achieving and maintaining their fitness goals.

Coach Joe Devlin

I began weightlifting at Divine Mercy in December of 2011. I began coaching the following year and am surprised at the positive affect it has had on my life. Helping an experienced lifter who is struggling with the classic lifts or teaching a brand new lifter, who is struggling through "progressions", to not give up and to stick with the program makes coaching a great and rewarding challenge for me.
Weightlifting is one of those rare exercises that stimulates the entire central nervous system and at the same time builds strength, endurance and speed. For those of you who enjoy other sports, such as football, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, and are in your offseason, we can build a weightlifting program that will help you maintain or gain strength before your new season begins.
So,If your lifts need some tweaking, you want to begin a weightlifting program, you would like to become a member of the weightlifting team, you would like some personal lessons, or you just want to talk about weightlifting and strength, stop by and see me, I'd be happy to talk.

USAW Sports Performance
USAW Programming
USAW Advanced Coaching

Coach Lindsey Steen

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 when Steve opened Divine Mercy Fitness. I’ve always been active, playing numerous team sports in my youth, but CrossFit was a whole new way of achieving fitness. I had never realized how much I enjoy the internal competition to become a better athlete. I love the variety that CrossFit offers and the skills that transfer into the sports I play, making me a well-rounded athlete.

Through Divine Mercy Fitness, I became aware of my desire to help others achieve their fitness goals, and obtained my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2012. In my coaching, I strive to get people moving the way their body was originally intended. I focus on strength, mobility, and nutrition as the key elements to attaining personal fitness goals. I am passionate about teaching others new methods I’ve learned in ways they can relate to and understand. Ultimately, my goal is to help people achieve overall health and wellness so they can live their life to the fullest.


Coach Sara Roper

Growing up I have always been active, and considered myself to be healthy. Since starting at CrossFit Divine Mercy Fitness in 2011, I noticed immediate changes in my strength and endurance as well as my digestive health. My entire definition of “healthy” changed. Coach Steve introduced me to the Paleo Lifestyle, which relieved me of GI symptoms I had been experiencing for 10 years.
I am a self-proclaimed science nerd and graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a BS in Psychology and a double minor in biology and chemistry. With my passion for medical science and my new found interest in the Paleo Lifestyle I became the Nutrition Coach for DMF in 2013. I enjoy coaching others on how to eliminate undesired symptoms by changing their nutrition habits.
I am a USAW certified Olympic Lifting Coach and a member of the DMF Weightlifting Team.


Coach Devon Smith, BSN