Wednesday October 31, 2012

Strength work is important If there is a universal flaw that I see among everyone in the gym, it is strength. I think there are several reasons for this. Strength takes time to develop.. First comes proper movement and function of the muscles, then you can start getting stronger. The only way to get there is consistently doing strength type workouts. It takes years of work to get strong enough to do many of the WOD's as prescribed.Women are afraid of getting bulky. Yes, this is a serious problem to helping women get stronger, they are afraid of looking like a bodybuilder. The strength work that we do will not make women bulky. The junk food you eat will. If you are one who typically blows through a strength workout and does not feel tired or spent, you probably are not challenging yourself or have movement limitations that need to be dealt with first. Some of the strongest Women in the gym are also some of the tiniest. If you go to a weightlifting meet, you will see tiny women lifting huge weights. Make up your mind to be stronger. Understand what if anything is holding you back.