Thursday July 28, 2011

"Get Lean" Challenge We are starting a new "get lean" challenge.  Beginning the week of August 1, you have until August 5 to sign up.  At this time you will weigh in, get body measurements,  get pictures taken,  have your blood pressure, resting heart rate and body fat percentage measured.  To remain in the challenge you must weigh in at the gym every two weeks.  The program will end Beginning November 1 and you will have until November 4 to get all your ending pictures and measurements taken. 

We will award a prize each to the most successful Male and Female.   The prizes will be a free month of CrossFit unlimited training.  If you have a family membership then you will be credited the amount of one unlimited adult membership for the month.  WOD

3 rounds for time: 12 Front Squats 135lb/95lb 12 Burpee Pull-ups