How's the Mobility?

What is the best time to start at our gym. Right now!! Do not wait to get in shape by some other means, do not wait for some event in the future, begin immediately. Mobility: I use this word a bunch and what do I mean by it? I mean movement of your joints and muscles through their full range of motion. When you cannot squat properly, you have mobility issues. When you cannot hold your hands straight above our head our do a proper overhead squat or lunge, you have mobility issues. These issues are serious and need to be worked on. The cool thing is, we help you work on them. You get a  load of mobility work in the warm ups and cool downs. There is also alot you can do at home. I often give homework to those who really need it. So do your homework. Treat your warm ups with a sense of purpose. Notice where you have movement issues and strive for full range of motion. Finally, do not skip out on warm downs and after workout stretches.