Friday February 18, 2011


This Saturday we are having a workout session beginning at 9:30am.  During this time you may pick a workout that you missed during the week.  You may only sign up for this time if you have six months of training experience with us.  You may show up at any time after 9:30 am, you need to be done by 11am.  The workout will be done on your own, under the supervision of the Coach in the gym.  Please sign up online if you wish to come in.  We are limiting this time to the first 12 sign-ups. 

My goal is to make our gym the best in the world.  I would like to hear your suggestions to make this so.  Please leave your suggestions in the kitchen, send me an email or tell me or Coach G in person.  I would really appreciate your input.


5k run or 5k row