Wednesday January 5, 2011

3 3 3
Go for a max set of 3, with a good amount of rest (2 - 3 minutes) between sets.

5 rounds for time:
8 power cleans (50% - 60% max)
200m run/row


Entry into the nutrition challenge officially ends on Friday  January 7, 2011 at 6pm.  To be entered I need two pictures, frontal and side.  I also need your weight from the gym scale and body-fat as measured on the gym fat % analyzer. We are calling this the nutrition challenge because nutrition plays such a huge role in fitness.  If you are getting your workouts done each week, only part of your work is done.  The harder part for most of us is consistently eating good healthy food.  I often have people ask me what a good exercise is to get rid of belly fat.  The absolute best exercise for getting rid of belly fat is exercising good eating habits.  This usually means exercising a lot of self control.  So, you now know that the best exercise for getting rid of belly fat is self control over your eating habits.