Friday January 21, 2011

Split Jerk
7 7 7

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
20 Squats
15 Supermans
10 V Ups
Shuttle run

Lindsey in full swing on kipping pull-ups

I was noticing our scoreboard today.  There are quite a few people who do not have many numbers on the board.  Make sure your numbers are up there.  It is fun looking and comparing stats on everyone.  Also keep our "On a Mission" board up to date.  If you are not up there, put a goal or two on the board.

Please everyone, come on time so you can get a full warm-up.   Come early if you need to.  The warm-ups we have are very important to getting you ready for the workouts.  They also serve to increase your overall mobility, strengthen joints, activate muscle groups and strengthen muscles.  Remember you can chat and warm-up at the same time.