Thursday December 17, 2009

Rest Day!!!


Fun with kettlebells.

I have been pulling together stats for each person who trains at Divine Mercy Fitness.  I notice that we need more instances of measuring metabolic conditioning progress.  Initially I thought we had this covered with the girl and hero workouts. Yet, many of the athletes that train here need to modify these workouts, then as time progresses, the athlete is stronger and more capable and when the workout comes around again it is usually still modified but not as much.  This does not give me good numbers to use to measure progress.  I was thinking of some simple things like a 5k run and 2k row.  Most athletes can run and/or row right from the beginning. Then rolling these workouts in every three or so months should give us pretty good data for metabolic conditioning.  As the athlete progresses and gets stronger, then we can rely more and more on the girl and hero workouts as a test of progress.  We currently do this with the CrossFit total as a measure of strength and power.  The data from these workouts are awesome to have.