Monday November 2, 2009

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How Far can you travel in 10:00?  A dumbbell complex of: lunge/arm curl/press Suggested loading of 25% of body weight. Execution: You will need a measured distance (a court, track, flat path). Holding the dumbbells in the low carry position stride out as you arm curl. From this hips low position press the dumbbells overhead. While pressed overhead return to the standing position. Once you are standing with bells pressed overhead return them to the low carry position. Repeat on the other leg. Lunge curl and press. See how far you can travel in 10:00.


I have been reading  how important Vitamin D is to our health.  It helps our immune system be strong, it lowers the risk of weak bones, cancer, heart disease, depression.  Vitamin D is created when our bodies come in contact with sunlight.  Another great reason to be outside and active.  If you cannot get outside then think Vitamin D Supplements.