Thursday May 14, 2009

Rest Day!!!

Deb working on her clean.

Getting better sure takes a lot of work.  As most of you have experienced in life, doing new things is usually done poorly at first.  Then with practice and coaching you get better and more confident in your abilities.  But this does not come easy, especially if you have any type of ego.  It's hard to do things poorly and to stink.  It is hard to take constructive criticism. However, it is important that we all learn this important skill, to set aside our ego and to learn.  I will be doing this very shortly in a big way. I am taking the CrossFit level II certification.  It has a low passing rate.  I am nervous.  Pass or fail I know I will learn a ton and be a better trainer because of it.  My goal is to be the best CrossFit coach around.  This is another step in that direction.