Frequently Asked Question:

  • Why do you have no mirrors?

    • A couple of reasons, 1) Mirrors seem to promote extreme vanity, people mostly look at themselves way too much, this distracts from training. 2) I want you to develop better body awareness by how a movement feels with feedback from the Coach. 3) It is often impossible to do many of the movements correctly with a bar in hand while watching yourself in the mirror.

  • Why did you name the Gym "Divine Mercy Fitness"?

    • We all need and desire Gods Mercy.  I thought this to be appropriate that as we work on our physical health to keep His presence in our lives front and center.  Many of the people coming to this facility are desiring large changes to their lives.  I can't think of a better way to initiate, create and continue positive change than through Him.

  • Why CrossFit? I heard that it can be dangerous.

    • I found CrossFit to be a very effective way to get fit.  It is an extremely effective general fitness regimen.  With that being said, it is not for everyone.  This is why we have put together several options for people to get fit that are less intense than CrossFit while still using many of the similar movements. I believe adding appropriate warm-ups and warm-downs, along with teaching you to listen to your body, allowing your actual fitness to catch up with your perceived fitness, to greatly improve your enjoyment and efficacy of CrossFit.