Real Use Of Free Time For Healthy Activities

The person is healthy means, he is fit physically, mentally and socially wellbeing. It doesn’t mean that the absence of any kind of disease or infirmity. A healthy living organism means a balanced level of functional or metabolic efficiency. 

Good health

A common man or community responsibility to adapt self-management they are going through the mental, physical or social challenges. If they are fit, they can easily balance the socially and economical life. Wellness or fitness means 

  • proper environmental health, 
  • proper nutrition, 
  • disease prevention, 
  • Proper public health.

For a person to have a good state of health and for wellbeing, physical fitness is very important. Physical fitness, one can gain through the proper nutrition, daily/routine moderate to vigorous physical exercise and proper rest at the proper time. Fitness is a person’s capacity to balance the routine activities without feeling fatigued or tired. As nowadays lifestyle keeps changing, physical fitness is to manage the body function efficiently and effectively in work and free time activities to be healthy.

Tips to be Fit

Most of the physical activity gives long term health benefits for all age groups. Fitness Care Guidelines are very helpfully to burn the calories that we gain by eating throughout the day. By doing simple exercises are such as walking the dog or rigorous walking or running, can easily burn thousands of calories. 

Teaching or by giving opportunities for children to be active, keep them on a path to maintain better physical and mental health. It is good to balance a healthy lifestyle from an early stage. Balancing the physical activity and obesity, along with proper nutrition gives lot of benefits to all age people group along with the strong back grounds and abilities. It is very important, everyone to be active, as increase in the obesity cases. The health hazardous of obesity is

  • some of the children are suffering from diabetes in the early stages and many others are phasing chronic health problems, like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and asthma
  • Children’s are overweight and they are becoming obese teens and obese adults.
  • Obesity are making personal, financial and national economic implication as well

Tips for preschool kids

  • Three to five years kids should be physically active throughout the day, it improves growth and development
  • Parents should encourage active play that makes them actively involve and make them fit

Tips for children and adolescents

  • Encourage and give opportunities to children to participate in all the physical activities that fit for their age and make sure that they enjoy it
  • Age group between six years to seventeen years, should daily do one-hour vigorous physical activity like, aerobic exercises at least three days a week, muscle strengthening activity, bone strengthening activity

Tips for Adults

  • Adults should always active; they should sit less and move more. Add routine exercise on daily basis, moderate to vigorous physical activity keep them fit for long.
  • on Daily basis they should do two hours of work out, it may be aerobic activity or yoga